KNM Markazudawa

Welcome to the KNM Markazudawa, a remarkable community organization that has been a guiding light for Muslims in Kerala. Our journey takes us back in time, where we find a community facing economic challenges, cultural diversions, and a disconnect from their core values. The latter part of the 19th century was a trying period, marked by economic difficulties due to ongoing conflicts against foreign dominance. During this time, the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah took a backseat as cultural practices took precedence.

In the midst of these challenges, a renaissance was in the making. The “Kerala Muslim Aikya Samgham” emerged as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. Their efforts laid the foundation for the establishment of the “Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama (Ahlussunnati wal Jama’a Samgham),” the first scholarly organization in Kerala. However, fragmented efforts hindered progress, calling for a unified platform.

The 1950s marked the beginning of a new chapter with the birth of “Kerala Nadwatul Mujahideen (KNM).” The term “Mujahid” embodies the spirit of striving and sacrifice for Islam’s sake.This has no connection whatsover to the self proclaimed extremists who call themselves “Mujahid”. Islahi Movement denounces all forms of extremism and terrorism.

KNM, also known as the “Islahi Movement,” embarked on a mission to realign the Muslim community with the authentic teachings of the Quran and Hadith, guided by the principles of the righteous predecessors. Their aim was to dispel superstitions and innovations, rekindling the essence of true Islam.

Dedicated founders like K.M. Moulavi as President and N.V. Abdul Salam Moulavi as General Secretary, embarked on a journey to amplify the organization’s impact. Subsidiary bodies like ISM for youth, MSM for students, MGM for women, and IGM for girls were established, nurturing comprehensive growth.

In 2002, a division within Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM) surfaced due to organizational and ideological differences. A significant portion of scholars and members disagreed with the current leadership’s authoritarian measures.These members believed that KNM should stay true to its founding priciples which however was not approved and resulted in an unfortunate slpit in the organization.

Thus, eminent scholars and notable leaders from KNM decided to move forward propagating the true ideology and the organization was later named as KNM MarkazuDawa. Committed to preserving KNM’s foundational principles, the organization focuses on education, religious reform, and social welfare within the Muslim community in Kerala.

KNM Markazudawa’s influence extends across diverse domains. Engaging lectures, awareness campaigns, state conferences every five years, and Islamic exhibitions capture minds and hearts. Projects such as Quran translation, library establishment, colleges, educational institutions, and mosque construction underscore our dedication to holistic growth.

As our organization thrived, the reinforcement of constituent bodies ensured a steady and impactful journey forward. KNM Markazudawa stands as a symbol of unity, enlightenment, and progress, uplifting the community and fostering a renewed sense of purpose.

Join us in bridging the gap between knowledge and action, tradition and progress, and unity and growth. Witness the transformative spirit of KNM Markazudawa, where authenticity, enlightenment, and unity converge to shape a brighter future for Muslims in Kerala and beyond.